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Dublin City Council Myplan Landuse Zoning maps - Development Plan 2011-2017

Landuse Zoning Myplan land use zoning map of Dublin City Council Development Plan updated to include rezoning variations up to May 2014 . Spatial format: Irish Grid & WGS84. is an initiative of the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government that draws together around 1000 zoning maps from each of the 88 planning authorities nationwide. Myplan assigns general zone types (GZT) classification scheme to local authority land use zonings, see here for further information

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Organisation Contact Email
Organisation Contact Name Data Officer
Organisation Contact Phone 01 2222812
Target Audience Resident
Category Planning and Land Use
Update Frequency As Required
Date Range 2014-05-01 to 2014-05-01
Conforms To
Purpose of Collection Maps were prepared by Dublin City Council to upload to mapviewer
Use Constraints The zoning maps do not purport to be accurate survey maps from which site dimensions or other survey data can be measured. ''Should any conflict arise between the Development Plan written statement and the maps, the written statement shall take precedence, also Dublin City Councils own landuse zoning maps shall take precedence over Myplan maps. ''Zoning maps are updated as and when variations are brought forward by the City Council

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